Monday, September 27, 2010

First blog entry…

My favourite make up.
Unknown artist/photographer.

It’s a little daunting doing this, but I figure it could be both interesting, and hopefully informative.

My idea is to test products, and report back on them. My belief is that it takes more than a day or a week to test each product. This is essentially the job of a beauty editor, however I am hoping to test on skin other than mine. And no, I’m not endorsing animal testing. In fact, I do hope that with each product I write about, that I can give you a little information about the company as well, because some of these companies are incredibly socially responsible and it should be noted so, especially when they aren’t a major market contributor.

So if there is a product you want my opinion on, I am happy to investigate. My background is predominately in make up, and therefore these are the products I will focus on. However some hair products and skin products will find their way into this page also.

Sometimes there will be other contributors, and sometimes I might just feel like writing about a style or inspiration or even a story I heard-but I will approach all entries with the excitement and intrigue that make up inspires in me.

Some one once said to me ‘you’re on this world to do something, so just bloody do it’ …so that’s just what I’m trying to do!

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