Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My favourite products-NARS Laguna Bronzer. Including tips on how to apply bronzer.

Product: Laguna Bronzer

Brand: NARS

Product Type: Bronzer

What it does:

Gives that ‘sunkissed glow’, that everyone wants. It’s got a very yellow pigment, so none of this orange business that everyone assumes will happen if they go near a bronzer. Another thing that contributes to the glow is it has a slight shimmer through it, which makes the bronzer give off a more flawless finish. The shimmer also helps the bronzer look less ‘muddy’-another thing many people expect to happen to them if they go near a bronzer. It is fantastic on all skin, that wants to warm up their colour.

The queen of good tan: Gisele Bundchen.

First is a natural look-Little or no make up. She's not that tan in real life!

And the Gisele we're used to...with an amazing, flawless tan.

How to Use Laguna, or any bronzer:

Many people will suggest you contour with bronzer, and yes, particularly if you’re having your photo taken, this is a great idea. However, if you want a really quick ‘I’ve been in Thailand this past month and it didn’t rain once’ look, then it is fine to quickly brush your face and chest all over with the bronzer.

I do recommend you practice first, and have a quick mental checklist before you leave the house to avoid the white patch under your nose, the line down the side of your ear and jaw, or the white neck-brown face syndrome. If you do want to do a 'quick all over' this is my trick.

(It is hard to explain, and maybe I should do a YouTube clip, but I have to warm up to that idea. I’m not over photogenic...and I dont particularly like the sounds of my own voice, although some may argue..!)

Anyway, here is what I do:

*Once I have made sure there are no oily spots on my face, or flakey bits of skin, I get my MAC Kabuki style brush, brush over the bronzer twice (so back and forth to basically cover the brush)

*Then I go to under my cheek bones, apply the bronzer from ear to just under the apple of the cheek, with less product being applied near the apple of cheek, go over the eyes, then along under the jaw line, and over my neck. I only do one layer each time, but I am fair in my colouring, so if you want a stronger look, try it twice!

*I then get a clean brush and brush over each of the places I just applied the bronzer. Only lightly, and just to blend in any strong lines that may have occurred. You can use the same brush as before, but it might not be as effective at removing any strong lines. It sounds like a lot of work, but once you nail it, the whole process (start to finish) takes about 10 seconds.

*The next step is to load your brush up again with the bronzer (the same way as before, two strokes over the palette) and then starting from the temple, brush over the forehead to the other temple. Do the same thing , but opposite direction until your forehead is covered and try not to go over the bronzer in any areas.

*Then continue down the nose, under the eyes, over the eye lids, then under the nose and on the chin(very lightly), then the rest of the face, including all the ones that were first bronzed. Do your neck, especially, as it is the lightest part of your upper body (that is generally exposed)

*Finally get that clean brush again, and go over your whole face to blend in any lines, or white patches. Now you have very quickly slightly contoured and perfectly bronzed your face, with hopefully no caking or white lines!! If caking has occurred, it generally means you’ve put too much on, or your skin wasn’t dry enough to begin with. You can try and blend it away with a clean brush. Using the same (dirty) brush can make the muddy look worse.

Why I love it:

It’s the most natural healthy glow you will get in powder form!

It doesn’t look orange, it doesn’t go muddy (providing it’s applied correctly) and it very easy to use. The bigger size compact also means a bigger mirror, which helps when you’re on the run!!

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