Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My favourite products-NARS Orgasm

Product Orgasm Blush.

Brand: NARS.

Product Type: Blush powder

What it does:

Gives the ultimate ‘sunkissed, peachy pinky, blushing bride, sweet little girl, peaches and cream, pregnant glow, I don’t wear make up but have the perfect cheeks’ cheeks you will ever be able to artificially get.

How to use:

The NARS website says you can use it on naked skin, which I guess you can, but I much prefer this over a light foundation. And everyone has their own way of applying blush, but I love it on the apples of the cheeks, then slightly going up the cheek bone, with less product the higher it gets.

Why I love it:

It is just the ultimate colour, again for my skin colouring, but it does generally suit most people. However if you want a similar “sunkissed, peaches and cream etc” look for Asian skin, try MAC ‘Margin’ sheer tone shimmer blush, or ‘Ambering Rose’ also by MAC for darker skin. For some older skin, ‘Orgasm’ is a little too shiney in the powder blush form. The NARS ‘Multiples’ are often softer and not so shimmery. ‘Portofino’ is a versatile Multiple, it blends well, and isn’t too shimmery. In most cases, the shinier the blush is, the more wrinkles can be seen, but generally this is more the case with eye shadows. I will demonstrate this in a later posting!!

The Multiple.

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