Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My favourite products-disposable mascara wands.

Product type: Mascara wands-disposable

Brand: MAC and PRICELINE (Australia)

I used to love the mascara wands from MAC. The pro lash ones, the zoom lash wands weren’t as good for separating the lashes.

However, the Mac wands were very hard to get in stock. Now I get the Priceline brand ones. They are more reliably stocked, and very similar to the pro lash wands from MAC.

What they do that is so good:

The brush head bristles of both wands (MAC and Priceline) are spaced wide enough so that getting to the base of the eyelash and coating each eyelash completely, is easy to achieve. And you can throw them away! (a necessity if you are pro, and using mascara on different people all the time.

How to use: Use as a regular mascara wand. Don’t pump, as this dries the mascara out, and don’t ‘double dip’ as that completely defeats the purpose of the ‘disposable’ wand, (which is to keep the mascara germ free!)

Why I think they are important:

Now as a make up artist, I use them all the time. Here’s one reason why. At one counter I worked at, we ran out of the disposable wands, and were told by the manager to just use the mascara straight from the tube (so the tester mascara…) I ended up with such bad conjunctivitis I couldn’t go to work for three days, and managed to get it two more times in the few weeks after that…it’s quite hard to get rid of. So in my opinion, and experience, when getting your make up done always make sure they use a disposable mascara wand…

Now as a make up artist, my second reason for buying wands is because it then allows you to get use to the brush, you work out the best way to manipulate the eye lashes and mascara for optimum results. The other day I was trying the new Stilla masacra, and the lady selling it to me said ‘and look at this brush, if you ask me, the mascara’s effectiveness all comes down to the brush’ and although I don’t completely agree, I do think it shows how much a good mascara wand/brush can add to the final outcome of your masacra’s effectiveness.

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